Dallas woman punched after telling man to leash German shepherds, police say

Credit: YamaBSM/Pixabay

Credit: YamaBSM/Pixabay

Dallas police are searching for a man they said punched a woman in the face after she told him the two dogs he was walking needed to be leashed, WFAA reported.

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The woman, who asked not to be identified, said she was walking her two small dogs Thursday when she encountered a man walking two German shepherds who were not wearing leashes, the television station reported.

The woman said one of the larger dogs crossed the street and approached her animals.

"When one of his dogs came at me, I told him that he needed to put a leash on his dogs," the woman told WFAA. "I was scared for them and me because I don't know what those dogs are going to do."

The man approached the woman and punched her, police said.

"I thought he was coming over to me to get his dogs, but instead he just came over and punched me," the woman told the television station. "I was just so blindsided by it that I couldn't process anything about it."

The man, described as a white male wearing a hoodie and sweatpants, left the scene after the incident, WFAA reported.

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