UPDATE: Here’s where Dayton has moved its mobile speed cameras

The Dayton Police Department has parked two mobile speed enforcement trailers on Harshman Road, just south of Ohio 4 near Eastwood Lake.

The mobile speed trailers were parked in the median of the roadway as of Tuesday afternoon. They record vehicles passing both north and south bound.

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That section of Harshman Road is in the city of Dayton, even though it turns into Riverside just north of Ohio 4 and again at the southern edge of Eastwood MetroPark.

The trailers were relocated from Stanley Avenue and Troy Street. Their last day at that location was June 14.

There is no warning period before the cameras go live and start recording speeders and issuing citations.

Cameras have been installed at fixed sites around the city, but police also use hand-held speed cameras and mobile trailers.

The Dayton Police Department’s three mobile speed trailers have issued about 12,986 citations for speeding since November of last year.

A third mobile speed trailer sits on the 3300 block of North Main Street.

Police issued 5,838 citations using a trailer that was parked on 3200 block of Riverside Drive, 4,487 citations from the trailer at 1500 block of N. James H. McGee Blvd., 1,642 citations from the trailer on North Main Street and 659 citations from trailers facing northbound and southbound on Stanley Avenue.

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The city of Dayton’s fixed cameras are at the following locations:

• West Third Street at James H. McGee Boulevard (three red light cameras)

• North Gettysburg Avenue at Fairbanks Avenue (two speed cameras)

• North Main Street at Siebenthaler Avenue (one speed camera)

• South Keowee Street between East Third Street and East Fourth Street (two speed cameras)

• South Smithville Road at Linden Avenue (two red light cameras).

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