Dog’s broken jaw may be from abuse in break-in

Police in Beverly, Massachusetts, are investigating after a break-in at one home that left the resident in fear and sent her dog to the animal hospital.

Mariah Nolasco said she can’t imagine how someone would do such a thing to her puppy.

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“What did she do to deserve this?” she said. “I can't even imagine how someone could do that to an animal.”

Athena, an old English bulldog, is only 6 months old, and possibly the victim of animal cruelty.

Whoever broke into the home is believed to have broken Athena’s jaw in two places.

“We saw the blood all over the couch and I was looking at the dogs and I noticed that Athena's jaw was not closing and she had blood coming out of her mouth,” Nolasco said.

Veterinarians were able to put Athena’s jaw back together, but the healing process is just beginning.

“They filled in the crack she had on both sides of her jaw. And they stitched it back up. And they put a brace around her so her jaw is in place,” Nolasco said.

If the fix doesn't work, Nolasco says she was quoted $7,000 for more extensive surgery.

“Until I can figure out the money, I'm just going to try and keep her on pain medications and see if the brace helps a little bit,” she said. “She's in pain but she's still loving everyone -- when she totally has the right to just hate humans now.”

Police haven't released any information about potential suspects.

“We are taking this very seriously, and as a dog lover I was very disturbed by this and I can assure you that the Beverly police are working to solve this case,” Police Chief John LeLacheur said.

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