Eric Trump in Tipp City: ‘We are going to win this thing in six days’

Eric Trump spoke Wednesday afternoon in front of a crowd of supporters at Cedar Springs Pavilion in Tipp City about the importance of voting, law enforcement, school choice and court packing

“We are going to win this thing. We are going to win this thing in six days,” Trump said during his campaign stop for his father President Donald Trump’s re-election bid.

Trump brought a large cheer from the crowd when he said, “The war on faith is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

He also talked about a possible third term for Donald Trump.

“If the radical left can pack the court and overturn history, do you think my father could run for a third term?” Trump said, adding; “I’m just kidding.”

The 22nd Amendment restricts a president to two terms and was passed after President Franklin Roosevelt died during his third term in office. The number of justices on the Supreme Court is set by Congress.

Trump said the campaign schedule can sometimes be brutal.

“There’s a lot of days, guys, we get up and we get punched in the face, we go to bed and we get punched in the face,” Trump said. “But we have a lot of spine and we get up again.”

Trump closed his speech by encouraging people to vote.

“Take nothing for granted. Get everybody out to vote,” he said before predicting, “We’ll be celebrating in six days.”

Trump’s next stop was in Columbus.

Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague, a Republican, spoke to the crowd ahead of Trump.

“The road to the White House is through Ohio, and the road to the White House is through Dayton and Tipp City,” Sprague said.

State Rep. Phil Plummer, R-Dayton, and former Montgomery County sheriff, led the Pledge of Allegiance and encouraged people to vote.

Russ Wheeler, a spokesman for the Miami County Democratic Party, said, “I think it’s obscene that they’re duping voters in Miami County. Bringing all the lies to the county ahead of the election."

“Eric Trump can’t spin the truth: we can’t afford four more years of Donald Trump’s incompetence,” Ohio Democratic Chair David Pepper said in a press release on Thursday. "That’s why Ohioans across the state are making a plan to vote and casting their ballots for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

This is the Trump campaign’s third visit to the Tipp City pavilion. Donald Trump Jr. visited on Sept. 30 and second lady Karen Pence made an energetic speech on Oct. 22.

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