Experienced skydiver falls to death at SkyDive Carolina

Credit: Chris McGrath

Credit: Chris McGrath

A skydiver fell to her death Thursday afternoon at a South Carolina facility, police said.

The incident happened around 3:30 p.m. at the SkyDive Carolina skydiving center at the Chester-Catawba Airport.

The general manager at SkyDive Carolina said the 68-year-old woman was a 'highly experienced' skydiver from Virginia with more than 15,000 jumps.

Officials said the skydiving accident appears to be from human error during the annual CarolinaFest skydiving event. The death is under investigation.

Skydivers from all around the world were at the CarolinaFest.

In 2016, two jumpers collided in midair at SkyDive Carolina. One died and the other broke his leg.

In 2014, at the same place, a man died after his primary parachute didn't open, and in 2012, a skydiver was killed in a hard landing.

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