Fairborn schools will give families choice of in-person or online school

Parents of Fairborn City Schools students must decide by Aug. 1 if they will send their kids back to school in-person or online.

“We wanted to give families a choice because some feel it is unsafe to go back to school,” said Superintendent Gene Lolli.

Students choosing to go back in-person will be required to do daily health assessments at home. Students may have to get their temperature checked daily.

Here is what other aspects of the school day will look like for Fairborn students this fall:

Hallways and classrooms

Students will be expected to only enter schools through designated doors and follow the designated paths determined by building administration. Those inside the building are expected to walk down the right side of the hallway when possible. Students in all grades will be required to wear a mask or face shield unless they have a medical condition that prevents it.

There will be no parties in the classrooms.

Parents are asked to give their student a water bottle or multiple water bottles, because water fountains are only to be used to refill water bottles.

Students in fifth through 12th grades will have to clean desks and seats at the end of each class.

Bathrooms will be disinfected on a regular basis.


Any parent that prefers their student not go to recess needs to submit a written request. At recess, students must wash their hands before and after, and masks will be optional if social distancing can be followed.

Teachers will be asked to structure play in a way that encourages social distancing.

Riding the bus

On the bus, students will be required to stay seated and facing forward. The district wants two students per seat. Students will also need to wear a face covering while riding the bus.

Bus drivers are being asked to sanitize their buses regularly and do daily temperature checks on themselves. Bus drivers will have to wear a mask when students are on the bus.

The district asks that parents check their students’ temperatures daily before sending them to school. If their temperature is over 100.4 degrees, students should stay home.

In the cafeteria

Each school building will develop a plan to safely eat lunch. Students at the intermediate school will eat in their classrooms. The other buildings are still working on lunch plans, the district said.

Custodians are expected to disinfect all tables and seats before and after each lunch. Cafeteria staff will be serving food to all students. There will be nothing that is “self serve.”

No visitors will be allowed during lunch.

If someone is sick

If a student or staff member has close contact with a known coronavirus case, they must have no fever for 24 hours, other symptoms must be improving and it must be 10 days after any symptoms first appeared. If they only had a fever with no other symptoms, a student or faculty member can return to school after they are fever-free for 24 hours.

If a student or faculty member tests positive for the virus and they have been at school, that person must stay home until they are fever-free and it has been 10 days since symptoms first appeared. If a positive individual is asymptomatic, the period of isolation starts from the test date and is to last 10 days.

Anyone who was within six feet of that person for 15 minutes or more from two days before symptoms started will need to quarantine for 14 days, regardless if they receive a negative test during this period.

To return to school , the student must be transported to school by the parent and must be checked by the school nurse.

Online learning

If schools have to close because of the coronavirus pandemic, Fairborn City Schools would shift to remote learning.

Staff will report to their classroom/building for remote teaching unless otherwise directed by the superintendent.

Students who choose to do remote learning will have required check-ins with the Student-Teacher Advocate. One will be assigned to each student, the district said.

Students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade will use Lincoln Learning. Students in sixth grade and up will use Edmentum.

These programs are self-paced and don’t involve daily instruction from a teacher, the district said.

To choose the remote learning option, parents must log in to their OneView account and access their emergency medical form for the upcoming school year and select the online option for the upcoming school year.

Once this option is selected, the student can’t change the option that semester. The school district will send additional information to families once they have selected the online option for the upcoming school year.

Families can learn more about either option from the Fairborn City Schools website.

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