Father fashions feeding tube to match son’s

Feeding tube

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Feeding tube

A Virginia man continues to show support for his young son, who was born with a congenital heart defect, by sharing a photo of himself and the 3-year-old boy wearing feeding tubes.

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Robert Selby, whose son Chace requires a feeding tube, fashioned one of his own and glued it on to match his son in the Instagram photo, WTVR reported.

"This was actually a picture from a year ago," Selby told the "Today" show. "I did this same photo every year from when he was 6 months old, way back. Last year, he asked me, 'Why do I have a G-tube?' and I told him it's because he's so strong, because he's Superman. He's Super Chace. I told him he's stronger than Daddy, and he said, 'But you're Super Dad,' so I said OK, and I put a G-tube on me, too."

Chace has had two open-heart surgeries and needs a feeding tube because he is under weight, WTVR reported.

In his Instagram post, Selby said "As long as I'm breathing, I`ll always support my son and he'll never be in a fight alone."

🏾🙏🏿. . . My Mr. #stealyourheart #teamchace 🤴🏾 is sucking in his stomach, trying to show off his abs like his daddy but all you see are his little ribs. 😦😁💪🏾 I just cut and glued one of his G-tube on me to show support for him and bring awareness. My son was born with a Congenital Heart Defect (#chd) called Tetralogy of Fallot (#tof) and he uses a Feeding-Tube (#gtube) to help with him being under weight due to him not eating orally as much since he was a baby. But as long as I'm breathing, I'll always support my son and he'll never be in a fight alone. 😊✊🏾👍🏾 05 || ²2 || ¹7 ( Fox News, Daily, ABC News, @michaelbaisdenlive) posted or did an article. . . . #tloce #thelifeofchaceelijah #niafa #neverinafightalone . . #congenitalheartdefect #chdwarrior #chdawareness #chdsurvivor #heartdefect #heartwarrior #heartsurgery #chd #tetralogyoffallot #clothdiapers #openheartsurgery #tof #smib #pha #gtube #feedingtubeawareness #openheartsurgery  #childernshospital #daddyduties

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