Firefighters free Hawaii man trapped between 2 walls

Credit: Pool

Credit: Pool

A Hawaii man who was bouncing a baseball on top of a building fell and was stuck between two concrete walls for 3½ hours Friday, Hawaii News Now reported.

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Hawaii Fire Department officials said the man fell 12 to 15 feet into a tight space between two Honolulu buildings that measured no more than 10 inches wide.

"He was playing some baseball in the upper parking lot and when the tenant called, I was going to chase him away, but when I got here, he was already down inside the wall," Ray Rodrigues, a security guard, told KHON. "Apparently, he got a couple of baseballs stuck inside the wall. He was going to pick them up with a pole, and he fell inside."

The incident drew a large crowd, Hawaii News Now reported.

"My friend told me that some guy was stuck between two walls, and I didn't believe him at first,” Kekoa Roberts told Hawaii News Now. “I was like, how do you get stuck in between two walls?"

More than 20 firefighters worked to free the 55-year-old man.

Once freed, the man was taken to the hospital and was in serious condition, Hawaii News Now reported.

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