Florida family captures home intruder on camera

A Florida family is hoping someone will recognize the man who they say broke into their Jacksonville home as they slept.

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Their surveillance camera captured images of the man inside their home just before 2 a.m. on Wednesday.

Scott Lawler said his family knew something was wrong when their golden retriever, Molly, started barking.

“If you can’t get a security system, get a Molly, I guess,” Lawler said. “Literally, I was like 8 feet sleeping from where this guy came in. And I keep my gun on the nightstand, so it could’ve been very bad for somebody.”

Lawler said the intruder stole his family’s Xbox and keys.

“We had to change all the locks out yesterday. New ignitions on the vehicles,” Lawler said.

Lawler said he believes the intruder came in through the garage.

“We’re really not sure if maybe the door got left open accidentally. We’ve had problems in the past with it raising and closing on its own,” he said.

Lawler said the man stole more than just his family’s belongings; he took away their sense of security.

“I know somebody out there knows who this guy is. So I’m asking them, man, reach into your heart and think about if it was your house. Sooner or later, this guy’s going to get hurt or killed if he goes to the wrong house. So I just hope they catch him,” he said.

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