Florida teen remains in New York facility as ‘person of interest’ in slaying

The mother of a 15-year-old boy who is a person of interest in the killing of his grandmother said her son is still in a New York facility.

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Carrie Campbell-Mott said she refused to let her son, Logan Tyler Mott, be interviewed by investigators until he has legal representation.

Investigators in Buffalo, New York, provided an update on Mott, who had been sought on a warrant issued in Neptune Beach, Florida, and is now in custody.

The briefing was held at the Peace Bridge.

Aaron Bowker, the public affairs liaison for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Buffalo, said Mott was taken into custody Friday evening after encountering border patrol officers at the Peace Bridge.

Bowker said Mott had made a wrong turn on the Peace Bridge, which is located near the United States-Canada border.

Officers took Mott into custody without incident and confirmed there was a warrant out of Florida for auto theft. Investigators confirmed that Mott was traveling alone in a 2015 Dodge Dart.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office had called Mott “armed and dangerous” and a person of interest in the death of his grandmother, 53-year-old Kristina June French.

Mott was being watched by French at her Neptune Beach home while his father, a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office corrections officer, was on vacation.

Carrie Campbell-Mott said the boy’s father, Eric Mott, was on vacation with his girlfriend. Eric Mott took an Uber home from the airport Wednesday because French did not show up to get them, Campbell-Mott said.

When they got home, the front door to their home was open and the house was ransacked, Campbell-Mott said.

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Eric Mott's guns were missing from a gun safe, Campbell-Mott said. French’s home in the Mayport area also was ransacked. Her weapons were gone, as was her Dodge Dart.

Mott and French were reported missing after Logan didn't show up to high school on Monday or Tuesday. French also didn't show up for work Monday or Tuesday. A warrant was issued for his arrest Thursday on a charge of auto theft, deputies said.

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