Food truck Blended By J opening brick-and-mortar shop downtown

Popular açaí food truck Blended By J is set to make its debut in downtown Springfield this fall.

The new location will be 30 N. Fountain Ave. in the former Pretzelmaker spot, next to Winans Coffee & Chocolates.

As a Springfield native and a recent University of Dayton grad, Jillian Tedeschi said she felt like this location was the perfect place to open her business.

“Seeing the stars align, being downtown is perfect because this city is unique to us,” she said. “A year ago I had no idea we would be expanding so soon, everything is just coming together.”

Tedeschi’s truck recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. She said she started to gain more support from fellow açaí lovers from all around town.

“We had way more support than we initially expected, this only helped us moving forward,” Tedeschi said.

The restaurant’s menu consists of four different bowls, all with an açaí base. One popular choice is the Rose City, which is made up of strawberries, banana, granola, with a Nutella and peanut butter drizzle.

In transitioning to a new business, Tedeschi said she hopes to try new things with her menu soon.

“We definitely want to try new bases for the bowls,” she said. “We just want to be able to have as much fun with our ideas, because we have so many.”

Tedeschi gives her fiancée, Tyler King, and both of their families credit for helping in supporting her dream, especially as the popularity of the truck began to increase.

“We were definitely outgrowing the trailer,” she said. “There is so much to explore downtown as the city grows; we just fit right in.”

For the business’ new home, Tedeschi has many plans, including keeping the store open six days a week.

“I want to have a healthier option for people from breakfast to lunch time,” Tedeschi said.

Construction on the business is ongoing, as Tedeschi wants to add several cosmetic touches before they open in the fall.

For now the food truck will stay open, and she will still take part in events, private parties, showers and weddings.

Find more information on their Facebook page.

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