Forever 21 tells customers it may have been hacked

The FOREVER 21 store at The Greene Town Center near Dayton.

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The FOREVER 21 store at The Greene Town Center near Dayton.

Clothing store FOREVER 21 told customers on Tuesday that it may have been the victim of a recent data breach.

The company recently received a report from a third party that suggested there may have been unauthorized access to data from credit cards used to pay at certain FOREVER 21 stores, according to a staement from the company.

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Thanks to encryption at FOREVER 21 stores in 2015 though, it appears a limited number of sale devices would have been affected. But, the clothing giant is still advising customers to check their credit card statements.

The company is currently investigating card transactions at FOREVER 21 stores over the course of eight months, from March 2017 through October 2017, according to the store. FOREVER 21 did not specify which stores might have been impacted.

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“Because the investigation is continuing, complete findings are not available, and it is too early to provide further details on the investigation. FOREVER 21 expects to provide an additional notice as it gets further clarity on the specific stores and time frames that may have been involved,” a statement from the company reads.

FOREVER 21 has locations at both the Dayton Mall and at The Greene shopping center.

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