Homeless man dives into dumpster to retrieve lottery ticket worth $4.82M

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Homeless Man Goes Dumpster Diving to Retrieve Lotto Ticket Worth $4.82M

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A homeless Michigan man who realized he won the state's Lotto 47 game dived into a dumpster to retrieve the winning ticket, WFMY reported.

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, was one of two people who split the $9.64 million jackpot with the winning $1 ticket he bought for the Oct. 10 drawing, the television station reported. He bought the winning ticket, worth $4.82 million, at a convenience store in Munger, WSMH reported.

"I have been playing the same numbers on Lotto 47 for more than two years," the man told WDIV. "I always use the same playslip to buy my tickets. In fact … I accidentally threw it away and had to climb in a dumpster to get it back. I am so lucky that I found it."

On Oct. 11, the man was out for a walk when he checked the winning numbers. He said he was stunned when the six numbers matched.

"Winning this prize has turned my life around in an instant. It means I can finally get some medical procedures that I couldn't have afforded before. This will undoubtedly improve my quality of life," he told WDIV.

The man went to Lottery headquarters Thursday and decided to take a lump sum of approximately $3 million, the television station reported.

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