How did DAYTON’S river skyline end up on the label of a MASSACHUSETTS beer?

We were curious.

How in the WORLD did the Dayton Riverscape fountains, the Great Miami River and the Dayton skyline end up on the label of a beer brewed in Ipswich, Massachusetts?

So we asked — and we got the whole story.

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Here’s the explanation from Bryan Doran, director of sales and development for Clown Shoes Beer in — you guessed it — Ipswich, Massachusetts.

“When we first launched our beers in 2013, the legal alcohol by volume limit in Ohio was 12 percent. We made a beer called ‘Blaecorn Unidragon’ that had 12.5 percent ABV. We re-formulated the beer to be 11.5 percent ABV and released it in 2014 in Ohio as ‘Ohio Unidragon,’” Doran said.

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“The original label was Cleveland-centric with elements from the rest of Ohio. I have family in Ohio — my wife is from Cleveland — so it was something that I am sensitive to in that Ohio is a big state with strong regional loyalties. We have fans across the state, so we wanted to make sure to provide them with new labels that represent them.”

“So for the 2015 Ohio Unidragon, our label was Columbus-centric with elements from all over Ohio. And in 2016, our version was a great view of Cincinnati from the bluff of Price Hill.”

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“For this year’s version, we wanted to represent Dayton, because we have a lot of loyal fans there. When I am in town, I often stay in the Oregon District and take runs along the RiverScape Metropark.”



“In talking with people, there was an understanding that the fountains were something very recognizable as Dayton. So it seemed like a great image for the label. Our artist, Michael Axt, then translates our thoughts into an image. He typically presents us with multiple sketches and we pick the one we like best. We really enjoyed the idea of the Unidragon playing in the fountain, so it made the label.”

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“We keep doing the project once a year because it is a fun beer that we really enjoy, and Ohio is a great state — and it’s a great state for Clown Shoes sales, too. We do a lot of state-specific beers basically because after doing the Ohio Unidragon, other states said, ‘Where is our special beer?’ So it makes sense to continue doing the beer since it was our first state-specific project.”

And THAT’S how the Dayton Riverscape fountains, the Great Miami River, and the Dayton skyline ended up on the label of a beer brewed in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

The beer is available at multiple retail shops around town that specialize in craft beers.

Just look for the dragon playing in the fountains.

Credit: Ron Alvey

Credit: Ron Alvey

Credit: Lisa Powell

Credit: Lisa Powell



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