Huge crowd turns out for opening day at Kings Island

Kings Island’s opening day got underway Saturday morning as thousands of people packed the park to enjoy multiple rides and entertainment including the amusement park’s newest roller coaster.

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Kings Island’s 16th roller coaster, Mystic Timbers, made its debut Saturday, boasting 330,00 board feet of lumber, 30,000 pounds of nails, 88,000 bolts and washers and 5,500 cubic yards of concrete for the foundation.

Those aren’t the only impressive stats of the the park’s fourth wooden coaster — it’s 3,265 feet long and 109 feet tall. It has a 54-degree angle first drop, speeds up to 53 mph over 16 hills and the ability to handle 1,200 riders per hour.

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The ride had garnered national attention during the build-up for opening day, as several publications including USA Today, listed the ride as one of the best roller coaster rides in the country.

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Ian MacKenzie-Thurley, executive director of the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, had his family in tow as they entered the park for all of the festivities.

He and his wife Kelly said their daughter Lilly tackled the Beast roller coaster for the first time and they. “got knocked around a little bit,” but enjoyed it.

Social media was flooded with posts about all of the rides and the impressive crowd, that showed up to the park that opened in 1972.

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Mystic Timbers made the top of USA Today’s list of the nine most anticipated new roller coasters of 2017.

Themed to an abandoned lumber company, the wooden roller coaster will stand 109 feet tall will give riders a thrill with 16 airtime moments along 3,265-foot long track.

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