Illinois woman gets ticket for driving 115 mph in snowy weather

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Woman Pulled Over for Going 115 mph in Snowy Weather

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Going 80 mph above the speed limit is dangerous, but even more so during snowy conditions.

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The Illinois State Police ticketed a woman for doing 115 mph in a 35 mph zone Sunday night, WMAQ reported.

"Take that in for a second," the Illinois State Police wrote on Facebook, next to a photograph of the ticket. "She was caught in town last night. In town. With snow/slush on the road.

"If you think we don't patrol in town, you're mistaken, the Facebook post continued. "And if you think you won't get in a bad crash in town because the speed limits are low and you're a good driver, think again."

The post ended with the hashtag, #ridiculous.

Troopers did not mention the name of the town in their post, although there is an intersection of N. Market Street and Wilbur Avenue in Champaign, Illinois.

Police reported numerous cars in ditches by Monday morning, WMAQ reported. Authorities blamed it on speed as heavy snow fell in Chicago and across northern Illinois, the television station reported.

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