Rocky’s Pizza Ring sets closing date in June in Beavercreek

CONFIRMED: Beavercreek pizza restaurant to shut down for good after more than 40 years

The owner of a Beavercreek pizza restaurant that has operated for more than four decades today confirmed her plans to shut down the restaurant for good at the close of business this Saturday, June 30.

“Yes, Saturday, June 30, at 9 p.m., we will close our doors,” Rocky’s Pizza Ring owner Amy Calcutta told this news outlet via a Facebook message. The restaurant is located in the Beaver Valley Shopping Center at North Fairfield Road and U.S. 35 in Beavercreek. 

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The owners of Rocky’s Pizza Ring in the Beaver Valley Shopping Center in Beavercreek have announced the restaurant will shut down effective June 30, ending a run of more than four decades. File photo by Jim Ingram
Photo: Staff Writer

Calcutta had announced in March that she planned to close the pizza shop in late June, but she also made it clear the business had been for sale. No successful buyers have come forward in the subsequent three months. 

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“We want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family and for over 40 years of memories,” the owners of Rocky’s Pizza Ring said on its Facebook page in March. The decision to shut down was made “with a heavy heart,” the owners said.

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The Beaver Valley retail center has struggled in recent years, suffering its most significant blow in May 2015, when anchor Lofino’s Marketplace shut its doors.

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Founded in 1970, Rocky's Pizza Ring in Beavercreek has stood the test of time amidst growing challenges.
Photo: Jim Ingram

A “Farewell Party” held May 19 sold out more than two weeks in advance.

The restaurant has had two sets of family ownership since it opened in the early 1970s. Brian and Sharon Baltzer opened Rocky’s Pizza Ring’s doors, and current owner Amy Calcutta’s parents purchased it in 1989.

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“I had never even heard of the place,” Amy Calcutta told this news outlet in 2016. “My father worked for Dayton Medical Oxygen and got laid off. I didn’t even know he had the desire to be a pizza place owner/operator. My parents had eaten here a couple times and then, all of a sudden, they came home and said ‘We just bought a pizza place.’” she recalled.

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After 21 years, Calcutta’s parents decided to retire, and decided to leave her previous career of managing medical practices and take over the pizza restaurant.

But the grocery store’s closure dealt the pizza restaurant a body blow.

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Step into the ring: The boxing-themed dining room features shrines to some of the sport's greatest pugilists.
Photo: Jim Ingram

“It’s definitely harder,” Calcutta said in the 2016 interview. “In addition to the shopping center not having a huge draw anymore, you pass so many new restaurants and every place that opens makes pizza. But there’s a lot of pride that goes into (my) food. I wouldn’t make everything from scratch if I didn’t think it would be the best that I could offer.”