Jack Heekin and Stuart Naeny of Pedal Wagon plan to launch their pedaling pub crawl story soon in Dayton. It and Dayton Pedaling Pub are awaiting permitting from the city of Dayton.

Another pedal pub crawl business, this one Dayton-based, ready to roll into town

If the idea of one pedal pub business excited Daytonians, two should really give them a reason to roll. 

As we first reported Monday, Pedal Wagon, a Cincinnati-based company that also operates in Columbus, plans to set up shop in Dayton for tours downtown and in the Oregon District.  

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Dayton native Lindsay Kleinhenz says she and her boyfriend Chad Banter are also ready to launch their pedal pub business, Dayton Pedaling Pub.

“We want to combine our bike rides and beer and see if can make a living out it,” said Kleinhenz, an Alter High School graduate and  nutrition service manager at  Miami Valley Hospital South.

Banter is a nuclear medicine technologist at Miami Valley Hospital’s main campus. 

They decided to launch their business after taking a pedal pub crawl tour in Nashville about a year ago.  

About 80 pedaling pub crawl companies operate in the United States. 

Like Pedal Wagon, which is co-owned by Jack Heekin and Stuart Naeny, Dayton Pedaling Pub plans to launch as soon as the city of Dayton approves a licensing procedure. 

Toni Bankston, a spokeswoman for the city of Dayton, says an ordinance for pedal pubs is on the Dayton City Commission’s agenda for Feb. 1. 

“If it passes, the city will put a basic permit process in place for interested vendors,” she said in a message. 

So far, only Dayton Pedaling Pub and Pedal Wagon have inquired about permits, Bankston said. 

Both companies plan to organize pub crawls between Dayton breweries and bars. 

Customers will pedal a wagon steered by a sober captain between venues. 

Pedal Wagon plans to store two 15-seat wagons made in Holland at the Dayton Beer Company, 41 Madison St., Dayton. 

Dayton Pedaling Pub’s 14-seat wagon was made in Jacksonville, Fla and will be stored at Warped Wing Brewery, 26 Wyandot St., Dayton.

Each will charge $25 to $30 per rider for two-hour tours, with 15 to 30 minute stops at each bar or brewery. 

There is potential for progressive diners, birthday parties and other events.

 Kleinhenz said she and Banter, an Ansonia native, have been working on the pedal pub plan with the city of Dayton eight months. 

They were surprised to learn Pedal Wagon would also set up shop. She says she hopes to add a hometown touch to her pedal pub business. 

“I am very passionate about the town and city I grew up in,” she said. “It is the camaraderie of sharing a drink while working out.”