UPDATE: Iconic Oregon District church being sold to housing, retail developer

An iconic, 158-year-old Oregon District church is being sold to a housing and retail developer, information the church’s pastor confirmed to this news organization.

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church pastor Robert E. Miller said the church located at 239 Wayne Ave. is in the process of being sold to Weyland Ventures, the developers of The Wheelhouse project, located nearby at 210 Wayne Ave.

That development includes a 40-unit apartment building and a Troll Pub restaurant and bar location.

Miller said that Weyland Ventures will maintain the 158-year-old church’s historic nature and features like its organ and tower.

Part of the building is expected to be used for housing, he said. Office space is also possible.

Credit: Photo: Amelia Robinson

Credit: Photo: Amelia Robinson

This news organization is reaching out to Weyland Ventures for comment, and we will update this story as we receive more information.

The church’s pastor for 17 years, Miller confirmed in July that St. Paul’s will close at the end of the year and was looking for a buyer.

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The church now has fewer than 100 members and many are elderly. The average age of a worshiper is 73.

The church can only pay 40 percent of its bills through collections. The rest comes from its dwindling investment fund.

Miller said the congregation intends to “pay it forward” by supporting charitable causes and its employees. 

Additional details will be released later about its plans.

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