Celebrity spotting at downtown Dayton restaurant


Celebrity spotting at downtown Dayton restaurant

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Bar seating at Lily’s Bistro in the Oregon District. (Staff photo by Amelia Robinson)

Celebrity spotting in Dayton!

"Grey’s Anatomy" star T.R. Knight and some friends grabbed lunch at Oregon District restaurant Lily’s Bistro. Shortly after his visit, Emily Mendehall, co-owner of the bistro, posted about it on Facebook.

“Today at the restaurant an actor from Grey's Anatomy was in as well as a really nice guy who owns a juice bar in Hell's Kitchen. I think it's the universe telling me it's time to go visit Erica Shamrock in NYC because one time after Thanksgiving at her family's I fell asleep on a pile of fancy fur coats while watching Grey's Anatomy and woke up having the worst allergy attack.”

You know, this guy! 

We spoke with Mendenhall after it all went down. 

“He was with some friend who lives in Dayton and another friend from out of town. He was very polite and just wonderful,” Mendenhall says.

“Our servers recognized him immediately from 'Grey's Anatomy,' and I recognized him from 'Law & Order.' ”

Curious about what Knight ate during his visit? “We gave carrot cake ice cream complimentary; he seemed to be pretty into that", the Lily’s co-owner said.

“When we asked how he heard about Lily’s, he said the friends who lived here come into Lily’s regularly,” she said.

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