Centerville adds features to attract more Yankee Trace golfers

City also adds rental option for Benham’s Grove event venue to compete with others.

Centerville has added features for its Yankee Trace Golf Course, including new simulators and an all-weather driving range that allow golfers to play year-round.

The city also made changes to how it will rent Benham’s Grove, a venue that is used for a variety of functions from small meetings to large formal gatherings.

The work is all part of an effort to help the city compete with other venues.

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Mariah Vogelgesang, assistant city manager, said that the golf simulators at Yankee Trace are open, and junior memberships will now go up to age 25 from age 18. New golf carts are ordered, too, and should arrive by March 1.

She said the new items put together at the venue will make customers happy.

The state-of-the-art simulators can be reserved by the hour. The rate reflects the price of the bay rental time, regardless of number of golfers. A session can be as short as one hour or as long as four hours. On average it takes about 45 minutes for one person to play 18 holes.

On weekdays, the simulator fee is $33 per hour, but Friday that goes to $36, and Saturday and Sunday the cost is $39 per hour. Players can compete on 80 championship courses around the world using the simulator.

For actual play on Yankee Trace, the cost for 18 holes during the week is $29 to walk and $36 to ride, except on Fridays, when it is $32 and $39, respectively. On the weekend it is $35 to walk and $42 to ride.

Seniors (55 and older) can walk the course on weekdays for $23, Fridays for $24 and weekends for $25 after noon. The cost to ride is $30 weekdays, $31 on Friday and $32 after noon.

Yankee Trace golfers have been enjoying a new driving range that features driving stations with short partitions between golfers, allowing for about 30 golfers on the range at once.

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The $136,000 project includes the installation of a 200-foot by 15-foot all-weather driving range over a concrete and gravel base. A new drainage system and decorative walk path was also included in the project.

Centerville has extended the tee area of its range at the back end with a strip of artificial turf 15 feet deep and approximately 300 feet wide. It enables golfers to have a better experience than hitting off rubber mats at times when the turf is not available.

“We are all excited about the new items coming out to Yankee Trace,” said City Manager Wayne Davis.

The city also made changes to its Benham’s Grove rental property.

“We needed a 12-hour rental, and the fee of $5,200 will cover usage for the entire facility for that time period,” said Randy Bishop, administrator for the property.

Bishop said the package will help the venue compete with the growing competition in the Miami Valley area.

Guests can still rent for the listed six-and-a-half hour rate for $4,000, but now have the option of having the extra time.

He said the busy wedding season, which runs from April 1 through Oct. 31, “is when we do the majority of our business.”

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