Christopher Columbus statue removed from outside Columbus City Hall

Credit: Doral Chenoweth

Credit: Doral Chenoweth

A statue of Christopher Columbus was removed from the outside of Columbus City Hall Wednesday morning, weeks after the city's mayor said the statue would be taken down due to it not representing the values of the city, according to WBNS.

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The statue was removed in the early hours of the morning, around 3 a.m., and required a crane.

The Columbus statue has been in front of city hall for 65 years and was donated by Columbus' sister city, Genoa, Italy, reported the Columbus Dispatch.

Credit: Doral Chenoweth

Credit: Doral Chenoweth

The Columbus Art Commission, which has authority over all art owned by the city, is in the process of finding something to replace the statue, the dispatch reported.

Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, as well as other Black Americans, people across the country have been calling for the removal of statues or memorials with a racist history.

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