David Chappelle: Prince death "a tough one, man"

Dave Chappelle's well-known admiration for Prince has shined through since the iconic musician's death Thursday.

The comedian, who lives on a farm outside Yellow Springs, took the crowd at his sold-out show at the Chapel in San Francisco to church, according to the story first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

"This is black 9/11," Chappelle reportedly told his audience Thursday. “I almost thought about not coming tonight, but my band was like, ‘Yo, Prince would definitely not condone that.’ And now there is no place I’d rather be.”

On Saturday, Chappelle told a TMZ cameraman that Prince's loss was all of "our loss."

"It's a tough one, man," said Chappelle, who is frequently spotted around the Dayton and Yellow Springs areas.

Chappelle nailed the Purple One’s mystique in his show’s 2004 "True Hollywood Story” sketch, based on comedian Charlie Murphy’s memories of Prince.

Prince said he loved the segment and confirmed several times that Murphy's story was true. (By the way, Charlie's brother is actor and comedian Eddie Murphy.)

Prince's 2013 single "Breakfast Can Wait" pays tribute to the famed blouses vs. shirts sketch in a sexy Prince kind of way.

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