Dayton’s 1st ‘Underground Restaurant’ to host dinner event — somewhere

The cover photo for La Embajada Underground’s Facebook page.

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The cover photo for La Embajada Underground’s Facebook page.

Billing its venture as "the first underground restaurant in Dayton, Ohio," La Embajada Underground has made its presence known on Facebook.

And it’s calling upon “all gregarious, curious, fun-loving, unconventional people” to attend a dinner event on Saturday, Nov. 12. Of course, the venue is secret for now.

It will be held “somewhere in Dayton — you’ll know where once you have registered (that’s what an ‘Underground’ is!). But if you need to know … we are located in the Dayton Mall area,” the founders wrote.

La Embajada describes itself as a restaurant and catering venture that specializes in Argentinian, Spanish and Italian cuisine. Its founders, Jorge and Monica Fabregat, have operated a catering business, and they have hosted private-supper-club gatherings since December 2014. But the Facebook post represents an expansion of sorts for the concept, Monica Fabregat told us today, Oct. 27.

“We decided to get just a ‘little’ more attention, letting know Dayton of our existence,” Fabregat said. “We don’t want to become massive. The close relationship with our guests is what is important to us.”

La Embajada Underground will host a meet-and-greet of sorts, with samples of Argentinian street food, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. this Sunday, Oct. 30 at Eudora Brewing Co. in Kettering.

The Nov. 12 Argentinian dinner will offer an opportunity “to learn about our distinctive culture and eat our incredible food,” the Fabregats wrote. Imported wines will be served.

Fabregat invited Facebook readers to leave a message on the Facebook page to register for the dinner. For more information, email Monica Fabregat at

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