Dayton boy who was Reagan fan now leads business aiding president’s legacy

Ron Campbell grew up in Dayton as a fan of President Ronald Reagan, who once wrote him. Now, Campbell’s running a Miamisburg firm that is helping shape his Reagan’s legacy.

Campbell leads U! Creative, and last year it was awarded a contract from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute, which houses the presidential library in Simi Valley, Calif. Today, U! Creative is rebranding the foundation.

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Campbell recalls as 12-year-old Dayton Christian School student writing a letter to Reagan in the spring of 1981 when the 40th president was recovering from a gunshot wound to the chest after an assassination attempt.

“I said I was praying for him, and I hoped he had a speedy recovery,” he said.

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“And it took a couple of years,” Campbell added. “I completely forgot I had (written) him, and I ended up getting a letter in the mail from him, and it really surprised me. It blew me away. You could tell it was the real deal letter – right from him.”

Fast forward years later: Initially responding to the Reagan Foundation’s Request for Proposal for relaunching the institute’s website, U! Creative is now redesigning the foundation’s logo, brand guide, email newsletters, marketing templates, and video series motion graphics.

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