Dayton shooting: Memorials all that are left after chaos Sunday

UPDATE @12:25 p.m.

The memorial to victims of the Oregon District mass shooting in Dayton that was in front of Ned Peppers door has been moved.

Connor Betts was shot and killed in front of Ned Peppers.

The memorial was moved as the business prepares to reopen.


The streets were dark and quiet in the Oregon District after the chaos and heartbreak of the mass shooting early Sunday morning.

Nine people were murdered and 27 others were injured shortly after 1 a.m. by a gunman.

This morning, all that is left are memorials along East Fifth Street.

The biggest is in front of Ned Pepper’s Bar, outside of which the shooting took place. There are also flower wreaths with the names of those killed in the shooting in front of the Ohio EPA building on East Fifth Street.

Candles, balloons and handwritten notes were left in front of the bar.

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A sign in the window at Ned Pepper’s said the bar would be opening at its normal time today at 11 a.m., but is giving its employees time to “process and heal.”

There are other signs of the weekend’s events in the Oregon District. Neighboring businesses displayed the victims’ names on letter boards and “Dayton strong” on the sidewalks.

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