Tick outbreaks appear to be on the rise, Dayton veterinarian says

There are common misconceptions among many people when it comes to ticks, says one Dayton veterinarian who has seen a recent rise in outbreaks.

Dr. Daniel Brauer with Dayton South Veterinary Clinic says ticks can latch on to people and pets anywhere outside, not just on trails and tall grass. Relying on spurts of colder weather also won’t help avoid the pesky bugs.

"Everybody thought that with the winter we had and a few days cold weather it took care of all these bugs," Brauer told News Center 7’s James Buechele on Wednesday. "In actuality, it needs to be weeks of sub zero weather or teen weather before these insects even get effected."

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Brauer removed 22 ticks from a single dog in Kettering this spring, and has seen a 65% increase in cases from last year.

"Deer ticks were bad this year because there was a higher population of deer, that's probably why we're seeing the increase in the disease itself."

These small ticks are hard to see and can spread quickly if not treated. Brauer says you should check your pets every time they go outside, even if it's just a short trip in from the back yard.

If your dog is tired most of the time and doesn't want to eat, that may be telling sign they have ticks, Brauer says.

Investing in a tick or flea comb to run through your dog's fur is another way to spot a tick.

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