Dayton women share their own #MeToo stories

Sparked by the Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment scandal, actress Alyssa Milano encouraged women to share their experiences with sexual harassment and assault.

Since then, #MeToo has become a battle cry that all too many women seem to know intimately.

Daytonians are not an exception.  

>> 'Me too': Alyssa Milano calls on women to share sexual assault, harassment experiences

The following “me too” stories are all local. They were collected for and read at PUSH Dayton’s recent stage production, “All the Sex Monologues.” 

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>> Dayton YWCA’s Shannon Isom says #MeToo intertwines with other issues, too

Content Warning: the following stories contain graphic details and accounts of sexual assault and harassment.

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“My friend and I were in the front row at a concert with the crowd smooshing us into the rail. The guy behind me was pressed right against my a** and kept grinding on me. I asked him to stop and then kicked him in the knee. He moved, but his friend took his spot and grabbed the back of my jeans by the loop and stuck his hand in my pants. He grabbed me, all the way down. Security kicked him out. I was 16.”

“(I) found out recently that my mom lost her virginity to her stepdad at age 12.”

“When I was 17, I was at a friend's house, and we were all drunk. He'd passed out on the couch. His roommate started kissing me. He was in his mid 20's and very attractive, so I kissed him back. Eventually I said I was tired and was going to go to the bathroom, then to bed. He followed me into the bathroom, pushed me onto my knees, grabbed my hair and made me suck his d***. Then he pulled me up, turned me around, pushing me hard against the counter. I remember telling him no, but he was drunk, I was drunk, and he wouldn't stop. I must have yelled loud enough, because my friend came into the bathroom and stopped it. I still remember how embarrassed and guilty I felt for leading him on.”

“In high school, I was voted best boobs. The wrestler I was dating and three other guys held me down in a car while my boyfriend pulled my shirt over my head and made me flash them all. Another wrestler reported it but nothing came of it.”

“My husband and I were at a hotel, and he was drunk and wanted to have sex. I didn't. He pushed me over the bed, pulled my pants off and held me down. I cried the entire time. I went in the bathroom and called my mom after he was passed out. She found me an apartment and I moved two days later.”

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