Decision tonight: Dayton school board could end superintendent’s term

Tonight, board of education members for Dayton Public Schools could officially cut ties with embattled Superintendent Rhonda Corr.

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The agenda for a special board meeting to begin at 5 p.m. includes a vote on an unspecified resolution concerning Corr. The vote will follow an executive session “to consider the employment, dismissal, discipline, or compensation of public employees and to investigate charges and complaints against a public employee.”

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Corr has been on leave since November when the board made a series of allegations against her.

School board member Sheila Taylor indicated Monday that Corr’s time as superintendent may be over.

“We haven’t voted on it yet, so it’s not finalized,” Taylor said. “But yeah, it’s pretty much my understanding that she won’t be back.”

Corr’s lawyers could not be reached for comment.

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The school board accused Corr of unprofessional behavior, creating a hostile work environment and falsifying documents. Attorneys for Corr said the allegations were weak, and they criticized them in light of her excellent performance review.

The two sides had delayed a pre-disciplinary hearing for more than a month.

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