Man watches thief burglarize his home through phone app

Credit: Westend61

Police are investigating a home burglary caught on camera in DeKalb County, Georgia.

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A couple said a burglar broke down the back door of their home in the Belvedere Park neighborhood last Friday and stole an iMac computer, tablet, mouse and a couple of sweaters.

"It has a lot of my data, a lot of memories as well, but now it's gone," homeowner Helny Roblero told WSB-TV.

Roblero said he got a notification on his phone that his security cameras had detected movement. He watched the surveillance video of the burglary live as it happened while he was at work.

He said the security company called him shortly after.

“It’s surreal because you don’t know if you’re dreaming,” he said.

Before the burglar left the house, Roblero said he yelled at him through the surveillance system.

“I told him to, ‘Hey, leave my stuff alone.’ I was really angry,” Roblero said.

Roblero said there were important items on the computer, including projects for his information technology portfolio and his wife’s immigration papers. The couple said they are worried and are having trouble sleeping through the night.

“The peace of mind you usually have in your house, that is gone,” said Roblero’s wife, Rebecca Thuns.

Thuns said if she could tell the burglar anything, she’d tell him to “get a job.”

The couple said they had just moved in a few months ago and hadn’t even finished unpacking.