Lock 27 Brewing in downtown Dayton asked its customers for feedback on the parking options. MARK FISHER/STAFF
Photo: Staff Writer
Photo: Staff Writer

Downtown Dayton brewery plans to add valet service to address customer parking woes

Earlier this month, Lock 27 Brewing launched a poll on their Facebook page, hoping to get feedback on their patrons’ downtown parking woes.

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The highly anticipated opening of Lock 27 brewery and restaurant adjacent to Fifth Third Field in downtown Dayton will come on Labor Day, Monday Sept. 4, Lock 27 founder Steve Barnhart said today, Aug. 25. The pub will host some "soft-open" activities during the week leading up to the official opening, Barnhart said. MARK FISHER/STAFF
Photo: Mark Fisher

Located just outside of Dayton Dragon’s stadium at 329 E. 1st St., the brewery currently does not offer a parking lot or designated street parking options, though their website does provide a parking map.

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The food at Lock 27 in downtown Dayton. Pictured: Lock 27's Keener Burger served with bacon and an egg added. Photo by Amelia Robinson
Photo: Photo: Amelia Robinson

“Parking is a new experience for a lot of people,” said Steve Barnhart, owner of Lock 27. “For too long, people have become accustomed to large parking lots at malls. We want to serve not just Dayton, but the region, while existing in the urban environment.” 

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The food at Lock 27 in downtown Dayton. Pictured Lock 27's Mouth Breather and Lock Tender. Photo by Amelia Robinson
Photo: Photo: Amelia Robinson

In effort to actively work towards downtown parking solutions, Lock 27 launched the Facebook poll Jan. 3, 2018 requesting feedback on two possible solutions.

Since it was posted, the poll received more than 350 votes, with 43% of customers favoring the shuttle option and 57% favoring the valet option. Voting ended at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 10.

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The food at Lock 27 in downtown Dayton. Pictured: Potato and cheddar pierogies topped with bacon, sautéed onions and garlic. They are served with sour cream. Photo by Amelia Robinson
Photo: Photo: Amelia Robinson

“We were surprised to see valet won out. We weren’t sure how people felt about valet because it tends to have a negative cache, but really it fundamentally works better as an immediate service.” Barnhart explains.  

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Though no plans have been set in stone for how exactly the valet service will work, the brewery plans to outsource this service to a local valet company.

Valet will become available during peak hours, but will not be offered during game days or festivals due to congestion in parking garages and downtown.