Downtown school property to be sold for future CareSource use



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Downtown school property to be sold for future CareSource use

The Dayton school board Wednesday night approved selling one of the largest empty pieces of downtown land for future economic development by CareSource.  

Following an executive session, the Dayton Public Schools board approved selling the former Patterson Co-op High School site for $1 million to the Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority.  

School board President Adil Baguirov confirmed that CareSource will be the end user of the property through an agre

Construction equipment was on the site of the former Patterson Co-op earlier this month. Dayton Public Schools is planning to sell the property to the Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority. Staff Writer

ement with the Port Authority. Baguirov said CareSource, downtown Dayton’s largest employer, expects to make an announcement Thursday morning.  

The grassy field, located at 118 E. First St., has been described by some developers and officials as among the most desirable and development-ready sites in downtown.  

The Port Authority helped build CareSource’s $55 million headquarters, which is located just about a block away from the site.  

CareSource spokeswoman Emily Grunder was in the audience at the meeting and left immediately after the vote to sell the property.  

Asked about CareSource’s involvement with the property, Grunder said she was there only to observe the meeting and had no comment.  

Cory Frolik contributed to this story.

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