DVAC announces emerging Dayton artists for second season of its CSA art share

Credit: Contributed

Credit: Contributed

The Dayton Visual Arts Center (DVAC) is hosting their second season of the Community Supported Art Program (CSA).

How does it work?

The initiative stems from the idea of community-supported agriculture, where shareholders would purchase a share of locally-grown fruits and vegetables.

In DVAC's CSArt, shareholders will receive four original works of art, either framed or unframed, that have been created by some of the Dayton area's most renowned, evolving artists, along with two tickets to the Harvest Pick-Up Party on August 8.

“There are only 50 shares this season and they are expected to sell out quickly, so don’t hesitate,” said Eva Buttacavoli, DVAC Executive Director.

Credit: Contributed

Credit: Contributed

This year’s CSA artists have been featured in magazines, displayed in public and private collections worldwide, and have taught at universities across the nation.

Amy Powell is an award-winning photographer best known for her creations of intimacy and distance with her family and has been featured in TIME.

Danielle Rante has artwork shared around the world and specializes in drawing, painting, printing, paper cutting, installations, and montages of small organic objects. She is also an Assistant Drawing and Printmaking Professor at WSU.

Francis Schanberger has been awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council and Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District Fellowship. His work has been branded by an interest in historical photographic processes and staged self-portraiture.

Andrea Starkey is known for her detailed prints of trees using the ancient of mokuhanga also known as woodblock printing in Japan.

Each of these illustrious local artists will design 50 pieces of art, one for each share available.

CSArt shares are on sale now, and are available to the public for $350 each unframed or $650 framed. They can be purchased online here.

Each image created is at least 8x10 inches in size and not larger than 11x17. Shareholders will find two original signed photographs and two original signed prints in each share. Those who purchase will pick up their share bundle at the late summer Harvest Party in August.

“The DVAC CSA is a program designed to strengthen the art community by supporting the careers of emerging artists,” Buttacavoli said. “This unique initiative cultivates life-long art collectors by allowing them to be personally involved in nourishing the creation of art in our community.”

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