Famed Young's Dairy cow going back on sign she was blown from

We have an exciting update to an udderly moooooving story. 

Jersey Girl, Young's Jersey Dairy's famous cow statue,  is going back up on her sign she was blown from two weeks ago. 

She'll go back on the sign at 4 p.m. Friday and Dayton.com will be there, live on our Facebook page. Tune in for her glorious return. 


We can all "moooo" a sigh of relief. 

It looks like  Young's Jersey Dairy's famous cow statue is going to be OK after being blown from her post atop a sign.

She had been there 40 years. 

The restaurant sent us this update: 

"We know you are anxiously awaiting an update on our cow, Jersey.  She is in stable condition and we can assure you she is being evaluated and in the best care possible here on the farm.  Cow Specialists Bill and Chuck are working around the clock consulting with various professionals to come up with the best plan of action for her.  Please stay tuned with us on her rehabilitation process as we all wish her a quick recovery."

Before and after the wind this afternoon.  The cow is OK, no one was hurt. Repairs will happen starting Monday. She is...

Posted by Young's Jersey Dairy on Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mother Nature set this mooooving story into motion. The wind this weekend was not playing around and ripped the famous cow statue clean off the sign.

Repairs to the cow are under way as you can see from the pictures Young's sent us. The cow clearly lost a few gallons of milk and will have to spend some time off her hooves. 

Near Young’s Jersey Dairy, a large tree fell across U.S. 68, blocking traffic in both directions. Damages are widespread this evening after high winds knocked down trees across the area.

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