Cats, caffeine, cocktails? Gem City Catfé wants to sell alcohol

The Gem City Catfé, which already offers caffeinated beverages, sweet and savory snacks and cuddle time with adoptable felines, has applied for a permit to sell alcohol.

The city of Dayton received notice in July that the catfé at 1513 E. Fifth St. has filed for a D2 permit with the state.

A D2 permit allows businesses to sell wine and mixed beverages for consumption on site or in original sealed containers for carryout.

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The application was sent to the city for review and comment and police investigation.

Gem City Catfé celebrated its grand opening in early January. The coffee shop and cat lounge has been a welcome addition to the St. Anne's Hill neighborhood, which in recent years has been on the upswing.

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Property owners have rehabbed many old and historic homes in the neighborhood, and there’s been an increase in community events and traffic at them, like “Porchfest” and “Trash N Treasure.”

Fifth Street Brewpub, which opened in a space a block east of the catfé in late 2013, became a destination and neighborhood staple. St. Anne the Tart bakery is on track to open in an old violin shop across the street from the catfé.

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