Help raise money for Dayton Children’s while having a great time at this geeky fall fundraiser

This weekend, Kabo 2018 is your chance to display your fanatic love for the geekiest things in life: gaming, anime, cosplay, and nerding out on craft beverages. Even better, Kabo comes guilt-free, because it’s a benefit for a great charity.

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Kabo 2018: Fandom Fundraiser is a benefit for Extra Life Dayton, a charity that works with Children's Miracle Network to raise money for Dayton Children's Hospital. We rounded up some of the reasons you should stop by for a fun day and night of giving.

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All the gaming your tabletop can handle 

Kabo 2018 kicks off with a tournament of Dayton's homegrown battle card game, Galatune. Players will compete for some nice prizes, including $100 cash and an exclusive Kabo tourney playmat.

Wraith Games, a digital game developer whose game Collapsus has won awards, will also be at Kabo 2018. They'll be hosting a tournament where players can compete in a new, multi-player version of Collapsus.

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In addition to the two scheduled gaming events, D20 has a humongous library of board games that are free to play.

A bounty of geeky raffle prizes 

There are some seriously cool prizes up for grabs at this year’s Kabo, including one-of-kind art, autographs, anime Blu-rays and more. Some of the highlights of the items being raffled off at Kabo 2018 include a Dragon Ball Z autographed movie poster, a gigantic Cards Against Humanity package, and a package of Dayton-created card games.

Kabo will have merch for sale, too, including a super cool exclusive Galatune playmat. This ultra-limited neoprene mat features the gorgeous promotional art of Kabo 2018. Purchases of Kabo 2018 merchandise will also include some raffle tickets.

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Get creative in the Kabo costume contest 

Know your way around a needle and thread? Show off your cosplay creation in the Kabo 2018 costume contest. There will be prizes for Best Overall, Most Fun, and Judge’s Choice. The prizes are TBA, but if they’re anything like those raffle prizes, the winner will be in for something good.

A free screening of an anime classic 

At 8 p.m., D20 will pull down their projector screen for a special showing of “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie.” The 2001 animated film was praised by BBC as "good enough to deserve mention in the same breath as ‘Akira,’ ‘Ghost in the Shell,’ and ‘Spirited Away.’" To sweeten the deal, “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie” is Halloween-themed, so there will be many Jack-O-Lanterns and other delightful iconography to enjoy.

It’s for a good cause 

Extra Life is best known for their Game Day event, where gamers of all types commit to game for 24 hours straight while collecting money for the charity. 100 percent of all money raised for Extra Life Dayton goes to Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Extra Life Dayton has funded some exciting improvements to patient rooms in recent years. Kids can now play games, surf the internet, and order their meals on in-room keyboards provided by Extra Life Dayton money. This year, Extra Life Dayton funds will be used to provide a cell phone charging solution to patient rooms at Dayton Children’s.

Last year’s Kabo raised over $1,400 for Extra Life Dayton. Organizers Griffin Voyles and Shelby White hope to raise even more this year.


What: Kabo 2018: Fandom Fundraiser

Where: D20, 2144 E Whipp Road, Kettering

When: Saturday, Oct. 21, 1 p.m. - 1 a.m.

More Info: Facebook

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