Here’s how you can see the Taurid meteor showers this month

November is a great month to do some stargazing!

Not only will Venus be a great planet to look for before sunrise in the south/southeast sky, but the Taurid meteor showers also are active in the beginning of the month.

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The debris from Comet Encke is what produces the meteors, and the constellation Taurus is the radiant point. The estimated peak of the North Taurid meteor shower is Nov. 11-12, but this shower isn’t very active. You might see a few meteors per hour.

The thing that makes November a good month to be watching the night sky is that the South Taurid meteor shower is lightly active as well. Even though both showers don’t produce a lot of meteors, they are known for producing fireballs! A fireball is a meteor that is brighter than the planet Venus.

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There were reports from more than 10 people across Ohio who saw a fireball Nov. 6! This could be linked to the Taurids. The weekend of Nov 10-11 is the weak peak of the North Taurids. The good news is that the thin moon will set early in the evening. The bad news is that clouds might get in your way Sunday night.

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Since this is a meteor shower that could produce sporadic fireballs through November, keep your eyes to the sky late at night or a few hours before sunrise. Remember to give yourself time, stay away from city lights and allow your eyes to adjust.

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