Realtor Mike Stevens (Image provided by Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors)

Home Expert of the Week: Mike Stevens

We hear that you’re a city council member for Clayton. What made you want to get involved in your community?  
Stevens: I believe everyone should get involved in their communities to the extent you are able. You live, work, play, and go to school in your home community. You use the local streets, sidewalks and parks, and you frequent the businesses. Everyone has a vested interest in their own neighborhood and community. I have been active on my local HOA board and on the city’s Planning Commission. I received great satisfaction from helping to improve and promote various aspects of both. The opportunity came up for me to run for council, and it was the next logical step to me. I look forward to helping make and keep Clayton a destination city.    

If you were 100 years old, what story would you tell your great-grandchildren about Dayton?
Stevens: I would tell them Dayton is the cradle for much innovation. Early Daytonians include the Wright brothers, John Patterson, Edward Deeds and James Cox. These men laid the foundation for iconic companies that changed the course of American business and set new manufacturing standards. Clay Mathile is a modern example of local innovation and entrepreneurship. Institutions such as UDRI, WPAFB, and Wright State continue to set the highest standards.

What is your favorite aspect of Dayton’s real estate market? 
Stevens: I like the fact that Dayton has a diverse inventory of real estate. You can shop for housing according to price, geography, demographics, style, and proximity. It’s highly likely that you can find affordable housing with the amenities and location you desire in Dayton. Much of our housing stock is older, but there also are many newer developments. The Dayton area is one of the most affordable areas in the country to purchase a home.

How do you define success? 
Stevens: I define success in terms of my personal, family, health, and professional aspirations. Each individual is responsible for laying out a roadmap and then taking the steps to reach your end goals. Be happy and content with your own efforts, and success will come in many forms.

How would your best friend describe you?
Stevens: My friends would describe me as family-oriented, congenial, and level-headed. Most of my social life revolves around my family. We are lucky to have a large extended family that lives in close proximity. In addition, I try to avoid sweating the small stuff. I’m open-minded and try to see all aspects of a situation before making decisions or comments. 

What’s the most challenging aspect of being a realtor?
Stevens: Being a realtor has been a great adventure for me. I love meeting new people, seeing houses, and the negotiation process. I guess I find the biggest challenge is investigating every opportunity available when someone is looking to buy or sell property. I’m always thinking there could be something else out there that we haven’t seen yet! 

If you were an animated character, who would you be and why?
Stevens: I’d be Batman, of course! He has a ward, a butler, a lot of cool gadgets, the Batmobile, and he gets to wear tights and a cape. What’s not to like?

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