Huber Heights seeks more information on medical marijuana

Huber Heights will continue studying medical marijuana’s impact on the city before deciding whether to extend a welcome to cultivators, processors and dispensaries.

Earlier this month, members of the Huber Heights planning commission voted unanimously to send an ordinance to city council permitting medical marijuana businesses in the city.

City council on Monday asked for a survey of city residents after hearing vocal opposition to the proposal.

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“I hope, too, that our city slogan ‘Come Grow With Us’ does not become the butt of a bad joke around the Miami Valley,” said Huber Heights resident Melissa Petachi during a public hearing.

“Why in the world would we sell our souls and those of our children and grandchildren to the devil to bring in the opportunity for more drug abuse?”

Jason Wilson applied to be a cultivator in Huber Heights. He indicated he is ready to meet the city’s eventual requirements.

“The building I have picked out … can be fenced, it can easily be put within whatever guidelines you can come up with,” Wilson told members of city council.

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Council members expressed a need to further research the proposal.

“We’re the only municipality in this county that is considering this,” said Councilwoman Janell Smith. “That might be a little bit of a wake-up call.”

Earlier this month, planning commission members expressed concerns about some of the facilities mentioned for use and their location near public schools and parks. Members said they hope to keep the businesses at least 1,000 feet away from public areas.

The Ohio General Assembly voted to legalize medical marijuana last year, and companies are currently applying to own and operate one of 24 sites for cultivating and processing the drug.

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