Iconic Dayton band The Breeders explain how ‘magic’ happens in their basement

Sure, a recent article posted on Vice throws lightweight  shade at the Midwest the way articles from national news outlets often do, but there are also some gems about one of the most important indie bands from the Gem City.

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In the article written by Cam Lindsay, Kim Deal of The Breeders explains how "magic happens" in the basement of her Dayton-area home.

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The basement is where The Breeders rehearse.

Deal moved back to Dayton in 2003 to care for her mother. Her twin and band mate, Kelley Deal, also lives in town.

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Here is an except from  Lindsay’s article:

That the Breeders rehearse in a basement isn't just out of convenience. It's also the only option they have living in Dayton.

"We were thinking of looking for a rehearsal space that we could rent because I don't have a front-of-house PA," she explains. "But there's nothing like that here in Dayton. There's not even a band rehearsal space here. There's none of that. It's either someone's garage or basement."

Dayton lacks many things, but it is where three-quarters of the band, not to mention their lo-fi juggernaut pals Guided By Voices, call home. Jim McPherson, whose spouse helps care for Mrs. Deal, spends his days working as a carpenter.

"Jim has been working all day in Clayton, Ohio, which is a 40-minute drive away," Deal says. "After he works, he then comes over and rehearses. The key thing here is that the drummer lives in town, man! A drummer who lives in town is key. So Kelley, Jim, and I live in town, and Josephine [Wiggs, bassist] is in New York. She drives in every six weeks or so and stays for a week."

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The Breeders just released its new album, “All Nerve.”

Formed in 1990, the band is known for a list of modern rock songs that include “Cannonball,” “Divine Hammer,” “Full on Idle,” and “Bang On.”

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