JUST IN: Dayton names 3 finalists in flag design competition

After receiving 312 submissions, a project to create a new city of Dayton flag has narrowed the field down to three finalists.

Unveiled at the Dayton City Commission meeting this morning, the three eye-catching designs take creative approaches to capturing the spirit of the community.


The designs were submitted by a software engineer, a resident with a background in graphic design and an elementary school student.

Submissions were accepted Oct. 1 to Dec. 9, and the flag design contest was open to everyone.

More than 75% of the submissions came from people who provided contact numbers with 937 area codes.

About 20% of submissions were from current Dayton Public Schools students.

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A steering committee reviewed all of the submissions, as well as attached narratives that described design inspirations and decisions, like the colors and symbols.

The committee selected their seven favorite flag designs, and those were sent to the city commission and mayor for consideration.

Commissioners and the mayor narrowed the list down to three.

Community members will be asked to provide feedback on the final three. They can do this here. Residents are asked to share their thoughts on what they like and what they would change.

If there is a clear favorite, that design will become Dayton’s new city flag.

If people prefer bits and pieces of the submissions, a graphic designer will work to try to mix them together into a single flag.

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