Dayton’s funk museum is now open, and even the legendary Bootsy Collins is excited about it

The land of funk officially has its museum.

The Funk Music Hall of Fame and Exhibition Center received its final approvals from the City of Dayton and is now open for business, David R. Webb, its president, said.

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“I am in tears. This has been a long time coming. This is real emotional, right,” Webb said.

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According to a tweet, funk legend Bootsy Collins is excited, too:

The center, located at 113 E. Third St. in downtown Dayton’s Fire Blocks District, will have its grand opening in late January or February, Webb said.

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The museum is taking reservations for private tours and events. A $5 donation will be requested per person.

Hours posted on the door are Monday to Wednesday by appointment only and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday to Saturday.

Webb said those interested in tours should call 937-837-4441 or visit

The funk music museum has publicly been in the works for about three years, but has been a longtime dream of Webb and several other fans of funk.

The museum had anticipated opening in March of 2017, but faced unexpected delays.

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The funk music genre put Dayton on the map as the Land of the Funk in the 1970s and '80s, thanks to a stable of groups that included the Ohio Players, Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame, Zapp, Faze-O, Heatwave, Sun, Slave and Lakeside.

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