Living downtown offers a ‘different vibe’​

Have you ever wondered why everyone in Dayton is moving downtown? Real estate agent and 23-year Oregon District resident Sherry Alessandro knows why. She says living downtown gives residents a “whole different vibe,” and she’s right. Where else are you going to find the kind of culture that comes with five different historical neighborhoods, amazing new and renovated condos, and the ability to take your bike to meet friends anywhere?

Did you know that the Greater Downtown Dayton Plan says that more than $400 million has been poured into downtown in the last five years? With another $200 million on the way, there’s no doubt that these guys will reach their goal of increasing the number of people living downtown by 50% over the next five years.

The best thing about downtown is that there are more options than just apartments and condos. There are historical landmark houses all over the place in the downtown area! That means a great opportunity not only to scratch that DIY renovation itch, but also to preserve a piece of Dayton history. Renos are all the rage on TV these days, and to be able to bring modern comforts to an amazing old house is a fantastic option for people who want to move downtown.

Living downtown really is developing a sense of community that is young and passionate. “You always know what’s going on,” Alessandro says.  “People care about what is going on with others, with the community. Residents embrace the history and make its preservation a priority.” Downtown Dayton also is starting to develop a campus feeling, and that is great for Dayton residents who want to be social and active.

 If you want to find out more about how downtown Dayton can be the perfect place to live, you can get a hold of an agent like Sherry Alessandro at Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors.