Local flights canceled as Nor’easter hits East Coast

Update@1:13 p.m.:

The winter storm that is hitting the East Coast is causing major problems for travelers, including the Miami Valley. Reports show more than two thousand flights have been canceled several hundred flights have been delayed or cancelled. At about noon, two flights to Washington D.C. and New York had been cancelled at Dayton International Airport.

Diane O'Connel and her husband had plans to visit their son. But a delayed flight from New York forced them to modify their plans in hopes of making their trips.

“(The flight) was last we checked over Pennsylvania somewhere on it’s way to Detroit somewhere,” she said. “We assumed since it left at 6 a.m. that it would have gotten here on time.”

Some airlines have some they will waive late fees to accommodate customers, but people like Douglass Sellers, who is a business traveler, said that helps to a degree. He said the worst part about being delayed or having one’s flight cancelled because of a storm is that it’s hard to be comfortable at at an airport in an unfamiliar town like Dayton.

“You get stuck at an airport due to weather, they’re not going to put you in a hotel,” Douglass said. “You’re on your own. That’s the biggest inconvenience.

First report:

Several flights have been canceled at Dayton International Airport as a winter storm hits the East Coast.

Friday morning, some flights to and from Washington, New York and Philadelphia were canceled.

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The Nor’easter is expected to bring hurricane force winds of 80 to 90 mph on Cape Cod, and 2 to 5 inches of sow is expected from Boston to Rhode Island.

Flooding is expected.

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