Lyft driver fired, refuses to drop off passengers, university students say

A Lyft driver has been fired after four Bethune-Cookman University students in Florida, said the Lyft driver locked them in his truck and refused to drop them off. The students said he only let them out of his vehicle when one of the women called 911.

The students said it happened just before midnight Friday in Volusia County. The students called Lyft to take them back to campus.

"He proceeded to say he's not taking us to Bethune, he's not taking us to our destination. He's going to take us somewhere else,” said Sydney Spearman.

The women said they reached for the doors to get out of the truck.

"We tried to get him to let us out, but he had the doors locked,” Spearman said.

They said they had only one option.

"I called 911, and that's when he decided to pull over and drop us off,” Spearman said.

The Lyft driver dropped off the students about a minute later just over a mile from campus.

"We were crying. We were panicking,” said Briana Martin.

Lyft said in a statement, “What's being described here is completely inappropriate. As soon as this incident was reported to us, we deactivated the driver.”

"You see all this stuff on the news, but you never think it's going to happen to you,” said Skylar Nealy.

Police said they’re searching for the driver to determine if anything criminal took place. Lyft obviously has the driver’s name and information, but a spokesperson for Lyft said they're waiting to hear from investigators.

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