Meet Dayton's Skating Elvis

Who is Dayton's roller skating Elvis? (Video by Amelia Robinson)

What kind of person roller skates dressed as Elvis? 

We took that question to the Dayton area resident who roller skates as Elvis. 

Watch the video above to hear from Skate Elvis himself. 

Harlan Forman has been roller skating on the bike paths near downtown Dayton five years.

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The 56-year-old Moraine resident (he lived on Aloha Drive) works in  manufacturing when he isn't wearing his sideburns. 

Want to make cookies in his honor? Here's the recipe for some outrageous Elvis cookies.

We tracked down Harlan Forman, Dayton's Skate Elvis. (photo by Amelia Robinson)
Photo: Amelia Robinson

Photo by Amelia Robinson