Movie crew to begin filming in Dayton 



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Movie crew to begin filming in Dayton 

Watch for a movie crew. 

Two Dayton natives will begin filming their first full-length movie here this weekend. 

With their Kickstarter fundraiser a success, Stephen Levinson and his younger brother Joel Moss Levinson will begin making their movie "Boy Band: The (Heart)throb Story” Saturday, Oct. 15.

Filming begins Saturday, Oct. 15 for Stephen Levinson and Joel Moss Levinson's film "Boy Band." Photo: Levinson Brothers.

Joel Moss Levinson say pre-production work is being done at ReFraze Recording Studio in Kettering. 

Co-written by the brothers, the film will cost about $125,000 to make and will be filmed in downtown Dayton, Kettering and Yellow Springs during a two-week period.
The Kickstarter campaign generated $19,031 from 289 backers, many Dayton-area residents. 

The brothers had asked for $17,500. 

The Levinson Brothers, Joel Stephen Levinson, will make the film "Boy Band: The  (Heart)throb Story” in Dayton. 

The musical comedy to be filmed and edited in Dayton will tell the story of (Heart)throb, a boy band whose members aren’t exactly boys anymore.

Stephen will come to Dayton during his break from NBC's "Tonight Show," where he is a writer.  

Joel told us earlier that he hopes to have the movie complete by next summer so it can be submitted for inclusion in film festivals. 

It will employ about 25 people as actors and crew members.

Extras will be need Saturday, Tuesday, Oct. 18 and an additional day. Details will be on the Levinson Brother's Facebook page.

Bitty Bits Bakery cookies are among the items in the welcome bags for those working on "Boy Band" by Stephen Levinson and Joel Moss Levinson. Photo by Amelia Robinson. 

The Levinson Brothers, sons of Dayton Daily News reporter Meredith Moss and retired attorney James Levinson, have been making art for decades. 

Meredith Moss and her son Joel Levinson during the 26th Annual National Philanthropy Day luncheon. (AMELIA ROBINSON/STAFF)

They have made several online commercials and videos together and independently. The brothers and partner Rob Kutner released the comedy album “2776” in 2014. 

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