Rescue group looks for foster home for dog that collapsed in backyard

An animal rescue group is helping a dog that collapsed in someone's yard because of severe injuries.

Now, the group is looking for a specific kind of foster family to help the dog.

WSBTV's Rikki Klaus met Fenix at Bluepearl Veterinary Partners in Sandy Springs.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue said on Sunday, the pit bull crawled into a southeast Atlanta backyard and collapsed.

"Animal control came and immediately looked at the dog and said, 'This dog needs emergency care,'" said Krysta Cannon, with Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

The rescue group stepped in and brought Fenix to medical director Kevin Winkler.

"We saw that he had several exposed bones in his toes, was missing three of his four toes on one foot," Winkler said.

He had infected wounds and was missing the right side of his lip. Surgeons sewed it this week and removed the exposed toes.

"Has he been in a fight here or there?" Klaus asked Winkler.

“Yeah. That's probable," Winkler said.

“I think the thing that is clear is this dog was attacked by something, whether it was other dogs who were stray or hungry or were being used for fighting," Cannon said.

Fenix is also suffering from malnutrition. You can see his ribs, his pelvis and even a pressure sore that developed because he's so thin.

Angels Among Us is looking for a foster family that can change bandages and take Fenix to vet appointments.

"We don't know what emotional trauma he's going to have as a result of what he's been through, so someone with the patience and love to get him through the next few months, through his recovery," Cannon told Klaus.

“He's a sweetheart. He comes right up to you and wants to be held and wants to be loved, and I think he's going to make a great pet for somebody," Winkler said.

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