Out with the old and in with the new: Flanagan's Pub changes ownership

 Though he might not share the family name, Colin Pohlman plans to keep Flanagan's legacy alive.

"I know the bar has a long tradition of loyal customers and hasn't really changed much in 35 years, though I do want to bring some new life to the place and make it something that respects the past but is new for the future," said Pohlman.

Flanagan's Pub, an institution at the University of Dayton for the last 35 years, was recently sold. Pohlman said that the plan to buy the beloved bar was almost a year and a half in the making.

"They wanted some type of past to still be indicated while I was here," said Pohlman. "Mostly it is -- I'm not changing the name, there are all kinds of relics of Pat Flanagan's that are still here."

Pohlman said he was already very familiar with the pub because of his family's close relationship with the Flanagans.

"My uncle was a firefighter and he had his wake here when he died," said Pohlman.

Under the new ownership, the bar will receive some much needed upgrades. Pohlman has already tackled various improvements, which include purchasing a new jukebox, replacing the awning out front and landscaping around the property.

You can also expect to see new additions to the food menu and a wider variety of both beer and liquor. Pohlman has already been meeting with distributors during the month he has been running the place.  

Pohlman plans to keep Warped Wing on tap, but also hopes to include other Ohio breweries like Elevator from Columbus and Rhinegeist from Cincinnati.

"Because of the tradition associated with the past ownership, there was not a lot of change. It just kind of ran itself and nothing went downhill but nothing really went uphill either," said Pohlman. "While I'm going to change things, they knew change would be involved, but they wanted the history to be respected."

There are still 35 years worth of St. Patrick's Day pictures adorning the walls, he mentioned, just in case you ever want to take a walk down memory lane.

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