Penises hung in Yellow Springs vagina tree 

Penises popped up in the Yellow Springs vagina tree, and a police officer had to get involved. 

The “suspect” was a man. 

Police were called April 4 after after receiving reports of a Yellow Springs man yelling at passers-by. He was also hanging felt penises in the tree in front of Current Cuisine, 237 Xenia Ave., a police dispatch said. 

That same day, published a story about the tree that was enhanced with felt vaginas (actually, they are vulvas). The felt vaginas were created and hung by Viva La Vulve and The Craftivism Sisterhood of Yellow Springs to coincide with January’s  Women’s March in Washington.

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A Yellow Springs police dispatcher said the man hung the felt penises in the tree on the premise that “what's good for the goose is good for the gander.”

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The police officer arrived at the scene after a business owner called around lunchtime to report that the man was being combative and yelling, the dispatcher said. The officer talked to the man. 

“While he was free to hang penises in the vagina tree, he needed to stop shouting at passersby,” the police report says. 

The dispatcher said the man hung about five penises in the tree and attempted to buy more felt from a Yellow Springs business. The shop owner refused.

The man removed the felt penises from the vagina tree the following day. The man said he had made his point, the dispatcher said.   

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